Why am I doing the whole ‘music thing’ now?

Why am I doing the whole ‘music thing’ now?

You know the typical story of a creative genius locked into a dead-end job they hate, then one day they just walk into work and announce “I quit! To hell with you all!”? ….Yeah, well that didn’t happen to me. I think one of the reasons it took me so long to start taking my music more seriously was because I have a career I don’t actually hate – not even slightly! Teaching is a wonderful, fulfilling profession, and given my background (and slight obsession) with Spanish and linguistics, language teaching actually suits me pretty well.

No, choosing to make music a priority is something I had been putting off without good excuses for several years. But I’m fast approaching 30, and nothing helps to define our values and work out what really matters in life more than the inevitability of our own ageing and ultimate decline towards dementia, right?

So, that’s why I have created this website where I will be uploading my songs and videos from now on!

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