Pablo and I recorded ‘Searching’ over a span of several months, in Jerez and in Barcelona. Given our very basic recording set up, we were pretty happy with the result, but we thought a music video would give the song an extra layer of meaning… We had an idea for a storyline, but knew that to implement it would require more people and expertise than we had between us. So we hunted around for a director, though without much success. It wasn’t until a friend of mine, Michelle Hardiman, invited me to her event Short & Sweet, and introduced me to producer Katy Palmer, and to producers and editors Beth Jepson and Adrian Carroll from Add2Bee Creative, that our luck finally started to change. With these guys on board the ideas started to take shape, and then once Marisol Perez, the lead actress and a good friend, introduced us to director Adrián Landeros, things finally fell into place.

Finally, after many many weeks of planning and not sleeping enough we were ready to shoot, and spent two whole days filming the different scenes at different locations in Barcelona. The video had to undergo an arduous editing process too, but it’s finally ready for viewing here!

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