May music be meaningful

Half Lives

My first album, Half Lives, is now available for streaming on Spotify and all digital platforms. It’s about the dichotomy between our professional and personal lives, dreams versus reality, passion versus duty. I hope it means something to you and encourages you to embrace your half life, as I have done in making this album.

Then You Get Older

Then You Get Older is my ode to childhood, and was one of the first songs I ever wrote. It’s about missing that simplicity and certainty in life you have as a child, and contrasting it with the constant hurdles you face as an adult. But at the same time, reminding yourself that you can always count on the love and support of your family, even as an adult, and that that is invaluable.

My Guitar Over HR

My Guitar Over HR is a satirical critique of corporate jargon, and how many of us harbour very different interests and passions beneath the polished profiles that we display on LinkedIn.

The Weaver

The Weaver was born in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, inspired by the feeling of freedom and tranquillity on the open waters. It depicts the life of an artist who chooses to go against the crowd and weave her own path, instead of allowing it to be woven by others.

Half Lives

I am thrilled to announce that my debut album, called Half Lives, is now available for purchase on my Bandcamp page. Make sure you’re following me on Instagram or Facebook for plenty of behind-the-scenes too!

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Oceans Rising

Oceans Rising depicts the grief I experienced when I started learning about climate change and mass consumerism, and the process of awareness to acceptance and finally, change. You can read more about it here. This project took a huge amount of work to complete, and we hope to reach as many people as possible with its message. So please share it far and wide!


Error of your Ways

Error of your Ways is an upbeat track with a mix of retro & modern pop influences, complemented by a super duper smooth sax solo.

Staying in

‘Staying in’ is a song & video produced entirely during lockdown, with contributions from 50+ housebound people from 17 different countries in 4 continents! Now featured on the ABC ‘Alone Together: Your Life Matters’ Spotify playlist, the song talks about giving yourself permission to slow down for a while, look after yourself & others and maybe even enjoy the experience. Thank you so much to all the contributors, and we hope this music video makes you feel good about staying in.



This song is about searching for something for a long time, only to realise that what you were searching for has been there all along, you just had to look in the right direction. You can read about how we made the music video in this blog post.

Oh, coal!

This is a protest song against the Australian Government who currently approve the construction of the Adani coal mine, which would be the biggest in Australia and one of the biggest in the world. You can read about my inspiration for the song here, and please join the Stop Adani movement.

The Hanging Tree

I wrote this song after reading ‘Mockingjay’ (the third book in The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins) in which the protagonist, Katniss Everdeen, sings a folk song from her region called ‘The Hanging Tree.’ I found the lyrics to be quite intriguing, and decided to put them to music.