Oh, Coal!

Oh, Coal!

This song is a satirical piece about the Australian government’s unwillingness to let go of coal as our principal source of energy. I was inspired to write this song after getting involved with the non-for-profit Climate for Change, and reading The Long Goodbye by Anna Krien, which gives the overall context in which the proposed plan to build the Adani coal mine in Queensland is taking place. Incredibly, our federal government is still pushing for the mine to be built in spite of the overwhelming evidence of the damage certain to be inflicted on the Great Barrier Reef, the immense amounts of carbon emissions to be released, the strong resistance put up by Aboriginal land owners and the fact that the majority of Australians are actually against it… ‘Oh Coal’ is my two cents on this matter.

Oh, and we made a music video which has just been released, shortly before the federal election in May! Please help to maximise its impact by sharing it far and wide!

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