Half Lives: My first album

Half Lives: My first album

This album is a dream a very long time in the making. After a decade of writing songs as a hobby, the idea of actually pursuing music properly started to seem vaguely possible. And so, over the past few years, my incredible collaborator and partner in life, Pablo, and I have dedicated a huge amount of time & effort to developing my music career. But none of what we’ve created so far is as relevant to where I’m at in my life right now as this body of work.

So, what does Half Lives mean? Well, after mulling it over with countless friends, relatives and students, I have come to the conclusion that many of us don’t always feel fully alive while we’re at work. Rather, what we live for are the times when we’re not at work: The evenings, the weekends, the holidays… And it’s my belief that how we spend this other half of our life is what matters the most. So that’s why over the past year, Pablo and I have dedicated our half lives to producing this album and little else. It’s my hope that the act of listening to it may encourage you to grasp the reins of your half life a little more firmly too.

I’d also like to quickly clarify that I am very grateful to be able to earn my living by teaching. However, I also know that we all have the potential to do much more than the thing we are paid to do, it’s just that we often lack the time, energy or resources to do anything about it. That is precisely what Half Lives is all about.

To listen to Half Lives, head over to my Bandcamp page where you can purchase a digital or physical copy of the album for a low price.

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